Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, New Orientation Logistics (NOL) operates as a dynamic logistics company offering a comprehensive suit of transportation and freight forwarding services. With a strategic presence in Hai Phong City, NOL extend its services nationwide, catering to diverse business needs across industries.

Our specialized expertise encompasses a wide range of transportation and freight forwarding solutions, ensuring seamless delivery of cargo through multi-modal channels, including air, sea, and road transportation methods.

From the meticulous handling of hazardous goods to streamlines 3PL services and efficient customs brokage assistance, NOL is committed to ensuring smooth clearance processes and optimized logistics management for our clients.

Moreover, our marine cargo insurance offerings provide all-inclusive coverage for all types of products, providing assurance throughout the shipping process.

At NOL, we lead with confidence knowing that our commitment to excellence ensures every client’s return, humbled by their trust in our unmatched service and logistics solutions.